Whether you're selling your home or investment property, you'll want to have a clear idea of how the process will go.

Deciding to sell


Taking into account your timeline

If you need to have your property sold within a certain time, this is something that will need to be discussed. Depending on market conditions and how long the process takes under contract, the journey to selling your property can take time. If you're relocating for a new job, you may need to have your property listed as soon as possible or, if you're selling a property to pursue other financial investments, your timeline may be more lenient. 

Preparing to sell


Choosing a real estate agent

One of the biggest decisions you'll make during this process is choosing your realtor. Before making this decision, you'll want to sit down with several candidates to determine who can advocate best for you. An agent should be familiar with the type of property you're selling, the area you're selling in, and current market trends. A highly-qualified agent should have excellent communication, negotiation, and marketing skills. At Triangle Experts, our exceptional agents work toward one goal: client satisfaction. 


Getting your property ready to list

Once you've found an agent, you'll work with him or her to get your property ready to list on the market. There are several things that can be done to ensure your property receives a stunning first impression:


Accepting an offer

When you've received offers, your realtor will help you decide which one will benefit you the most. Every offer can be different. A few things to consider when looking at an offer:

  • Any contingencies 
  • How the buyer is paying (in cash or financing)
  • Down payment and deposit
  • If financing, the type of loan the buyer was approved for

Under contract

Once you've accepted an offer, your property is now under contract. From here, steps will be taken per the contract agreement. A qualified inspector will do a thorough inspection of your property. Afterward, the inspector will list any damages or concerns found on the property, if any. Based on your agreement and the inspection outcome, it's possible you may need to have a few things fixed on the property before proceeding to the next step. If the offer you accepted is contingent upon financing, an appraisal will also be scheduled.


Closing day

On closing day, you'll sit down with your agent, a closing lawyer, and any other important person involved in this process to go over and sign important paperwork. You'll be given a settlement agreement, which describes all financial transactions while under contract and at closing. Both you and the buyer will sign this and keep it for your own record. At this point, any funds will be transferred. Once everything is complete, you'll hand over the keys to its new owner. 

Congratulations! You've just sold a property!


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