6 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

6 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

  • Sharon Evans
  • 08/4/22

When you purchase a home, you’re looking for a place to call your own—a place to support you and your family and provide you with the space where you can unwind in the evenings and make memories that will last forever. This is why the last thing you want to do is waive an opportunity to have a home inspected before you buy it, especially since this decision can lead to many expensive issues down the road, including unnecessary stress, problems, and drama.
However, if you’re still on the fence about home inspections and are unsure if they’re needed before your next real estate purchase, we recommend you read the following guide. Here, we go over all the reasons why you should consider getting an inspection before purchasing your dream home and the only circumstance where buyers may consider skipping it.

A home inspection can help discover issues with the home

Purchasing a home is an expensive investment; the worst thing you can do is not verify that your house is in good shape before spending money on it. This is why one of the top reasons for a home inspection is the opportunity to thoroughly investigate the residence before purchasing it and ensure you check for issues that may not be obvious to the naked eye. This is critical even if the home is newly built, primarily because while not every issue can mean huge problems, some can become serious safety issues that need to be taken care of quickly.
For instance, some of the more common problems that tend to show up from home inspections have to do with:
  • Electrical wiring problems
  • Roofing issues
  • Inoperable windows
  • Plumbing deficiencies
However, it should also be noted that you’re not hiring an inspector to ensure everything in your home is to your liking. Rather, they’re only here to verify that your home is safe to move into and make yours for years to come.

A home inspection can give you an honest evaluation

One of the benefits of hiring a home inspector is that they’re a neutral party that typically doesn’t have any ulterior motives. This means that when you hire them, they’re not going to sell you any products, tools, or repair services. Instead, their purpose is to provide you with an unbiased and honest evaluation of your property and home.
Yet, to ensure that you get the fairest appraisal of your home, verify that the inspector does not have affiliations with the contractor. This can help you get the honest opinion you need.
For instance, you may want to try locally-owned Bob Medlin Home Inspections, which specializes in home inspections in the Triangle and surrounding areas. When you hire them, you’ll get the thorough inspection you need, including radon gas testing, termite inspections, and a one-year anniversary inspection after you purchase your new home.

A home inspection can save you money in the long run

One reason why people avoid getting a home inspection is they worry that it’ll cost too much money. In reality, these inspections won’t break the bank. In fact, most inspections cost between $300 and $600, depending on the size of the home.
More importantly, since buying a house is such a significant investment, this small expense should be an easy decision to make, especially since it can provide you with the peace of mind that your home is safe to live in before you buy it.

A home inspection can discover expensive structural issues

Another critical reason to consider a home inspection before buying a home is to verify that there are no structural issues with the house. The home's structure isn’t only the most important part of it, if there’s an issue with the structure, it’s also one of the most expensive things to fix, costing homeowners thousands of dollars.
Fortunately, with a home inspector, you can avoid these substantial expenses by discovering them before closing on the deal. You also want to note that not every home inspector can verify these structural issues. In these cases, they’ll note in the inspection report that a structural engineer will be needed. Structural engineers determine whether a home has structural issues and look for other significant damages, such as cracks in the walls and ceiling, issues with the foundation, and even out-of-level door frames.
For these reasons, if you’re looking for a structural inspector to inspect your future home, you may want to consider reaching out to Stonewall Structural Engineering. They offer residential and commercial inspections completed by their skilled and experienced engineers, who can examine all aspects of a home's structure to make sure it’s safe and sound. Plus, if issues are found, these engineers can provide you with a plan on how to fix them and what the cost of the repair will be.

A home inspection can predict future expenses

Another great thing about an inspector is that not only can they predict a buyer's current issues, they can help predict what problems may come up in the future. While there are no guarantees when it comes to owning a home and the issues that may arise, working with a knowledgeable home inspector can help you minimize some of the hefty financial blows that may occur after signing on the dotted line.
For example, inspectors may discover that the roof will need repairs soon or the furnace is coming close to the end of its life expectancy. Even if these repairs don’t deter you from buying the home, they can provide you with the information you need to start budgeting accordingly for future renovations.

A home inspection can stop mold growth in its tracks

One of the fastest ways to get potential homeowners to panic is to mention mold. Not only is this fungus tough to remove and smells awful, it breeds quickly, and certain types can result in numerous health issues if left untreated.
Unfortunately, mold loves hard-to-reach places, especially in areas where there is moisture and humidity. As a result, many homeowners may overlook mold at first glance since it usually grows in areas of the home like crawlspaces or other corners with exposed plumbing. Thankfully, when you work with a qualified home inspector, they can locate these mold spores—even in the most hidden crevices—and ensure you can take care of them before this problem explodes into something more.
You may even want to work with mold experts, such as those at Noble Solutions. These expert mold testers can help you locate mold in your home with their state-of-the-art tests, identify the extent of your mold problem, and map out work and prevention strategies that can help ensure this problem is taken care of quickly.

When should you get a home inspection?

Typically, you’ll get a home inspection when the home goes under contract with you as the prospective buyer. Some buyers may feel like they don’t need a home inspection if the home is newer or they feel that the previous owner took good care of it. However, your realtor will recommend that you get an inspection regardless—even if the home is new construction. You never know when issues may arise, so an expertly handled home inspection will provide you with peace of mind.

Work with the Triangle Experts and get the help you need to purchase your dream home

There are a lot of factors you need to consider before purchasing a home. The last thing you want is to not do your research to ensure you’re getting your dream home for the best price. Unfortunately, many buyers don’t have the resources or the knowledge to take on the homebuying process on their own. Thankfully, with an experienced real estate team, they won’t have to.
If you’re looking to invest in Raleigh real estate, working with Sharon Evans is just what you need to ensure you get everything you want in your next real estate purchase. Sharon has been in the business since 1998, and today she is one of North Carolina's top-producing agents. Her team not only manages over 300 real estate transactions, her sales average around $150 million. If you’re looking to purchase a home in the area, don’t wait any longer! Contact Sharon today to find your perfect home.

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